Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For my project I would like to explore the evolution of society's morals and standards. I will be using fashion as a symbol. Fashion throughout the years has changed significantly, reflecting what is and is not okay to wear during a specific time period. (This draws a parallel to what is and is not okay to do by society's standards). Fashion will also continue to change and evolve. Its also sort of circular in the sense that old trends come back as new ones. Here I am using fashion as a metaphor for the constant evolution of an inner being. Everyone is trying to figure out the world and in turn the world is trying to pick apart this person. Similar to fashion, it all comes full circle in the end. I really want to work with magazines and old photos of fashionable women to really give it a true collage feel.

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  1. this sounds really cool! i like how it's so true- how did we go from not being able to show ankles, to jean shorts? and i love how fashion is totally interconnected with what is seen as acceptable.