Monday, September 5, 2011

project proposal

India (Deer) by Ryan McGinley

Nature is a symbol of our origin and our life energy. The concept I have in mind for my project is in the same vein as my first edit. I aim to portray the deep connection between human beings and Mother Nature. I will show these similarities through comparing human forms with analogous naturally occurring forms in nature. I want the images of the human form and nature to be seamlessly woven together to show how truly close we are with our natural surroundings. In my first blog post, I described my belief that when we are born, we borrow energy from the earth, and then give it back when we die. So I want to ensure that, in addition to the showing a physical similarity between us and nature, that the deep energetic and spiritual connection will be apparent as well. I hope that through my imagery, the audience will not only realize their deep connection with nature, but how every human being has this connection. This is a unifying force for all of mankind.

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.  ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Autumn Rot by Vania Zouraliov
This is an image I took my last day of being seventeen years old. The blooming flowers suggest a blossoming of self - a coming of age. I find the life cycle of a flower to parallel that of a human.

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  1. I think you chose really great pictures to represent the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature :) Especially the second drawing. They are really interwoven with nature.