Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is my final project. I changed my theme to makeup ads.

Project: Critique

Still working on third photo.. will be another collage of photos of my father and I am I'm trying to incorporate the lyrics to My little Girl by Tim Mcgraw, it's the song my dad always sang to me

Final Photoshop Project

The first image is of the road, and it's called "Show Me the Way." The second is of the car, and it's "Guides Through the Ages." The third is of the Mona Lisa and it's entitled "Arrived at Last." The order sort of got mixed up when I tried to arrange them on the blog, sorry!

Photoshop Project Final

These are my final three images. This series is an effort to illustrate the ideas of expectation in terms of a pregnancy. The two specific expectations I am focusing on are the expectancy of the child to come and the expectations of the parents in terms of how the child will develop.


Unintitled -- Dee Dee Albert

This untitled piece is symbolic of how Barbie's have been symbols of female fashion. It also serves to comment on the impossible nature to physically compete or size up to life size dimensions of a barbie. In addition to this, the placement of the images shows how female's fashion is arbitrarily dictated in society.

As mentioned before this piece comments on how fashion has changed over the year. This draws a parallel to how morals have shifted according to the decade.

This piece is symbolic of how fashion trends resurface and come full circle over time. Here Twiggy and Emma Watson are depicted with very similar styles.


final series

Finished Project


Family bonds

These are my final 3 images. Family bonds is the theme of all of my images.