Thursday, September 1, 2011


New Image ^


I added some colors and a water like effect using the liquify tool. I watched a tutorial where a man liquified the eyes of a girl to make them appear to look bigger, almost like an avatars eyes. I also watched one-n-one fundamentals. I actually really struggled with the liquify tool because i've never used photoshop before. Most of the videos on this tool were advanced versions so I really had to just play with it until I reached the desired effect. I believe the black and white image is beautiful but the colors really make it pop. Especially the red outline of the tiger because it represents the kitten being fierce. The swirls in the backround really shows the dreamlike state of the kitten wishing or dreaming it could become a roaring tiger. The contrasting colors give the picture and more vibrant and contemporary feel.

-Caroline Duran

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