Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thanks for a GREAT semester!!!

I appreciate everyone's work and wish you all a very happy holiday break!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dreamweaver: First Page

12/1/11 Update: As soon as I added extra pages, the server started acting up, saying there wasn't enough disk space for all of the information. Now the home page won't even work. Awesome.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Illustrator Project

Illustrator Project

For my Illustrator poster project, I decided to make a series of images that contested the anti-drug advertising in the media today, making fun of 1950s anti marijuana and anti drug advertisements. I wanted to create pro drug advertising without the viewer really realizing it. I placed them all over my dorm building, such as in:

When you turn the corner on the staircase:

On the health bulletin board on the girl's bathroom:
On the floor bulletin board next to my vert strict RA's door:

artist's statement illustrator project:

For my project I wanted to send a message that I feel college students don't think about every day. By creating my poster in four steps and an easy to read "how to" visual, I hoped to catch attention with bold graphics and big letters. My project didn't use color, because I felt it communicated best in black and white. I wanted students that saw my poster around campus to take a second away from their day to think about how they treat people, and possibly even change the way they treat people. Sometimes, it's easy to overthink being nice, but by breaking it down to four steps hopefully I simplified it enough for most.

illustrator project

The objective of our posters is to raise simple health awareness in an accessible way on our college campus. We aimed to provide suggestions for healthy alternatives rather than provoke guilt or criticize. We employed this through the use of visually stimulating and playful images with easy-to-read and concise information. We hope these serve as an inspiration to consider a healthier lifestyle.

Becca A
Cristi L

Delia A


My goal was to use this outrageous imagery to send a message of American gluttony and excess. Instead of condemning it, however, I wanted to send a satirical message to embrace and adore this excess.


The idea for my poster was inspired by street artists such as Shepard Fairey with his character Andre the Giant. My original idea was to create an image of a character whom I would name and would pose a question to viewers. However, as I started playing around with Illustrator I eventually created this...slightly different than I expected. My main goal with this poster is to create something that is visually appealing as you walk by and look at it. I want viewers to question what the poster is for and wonder why it is there.

Buy one gallon of gas, Get one FREE

My inspiration for these posters was outrageous gas prices and the common use of coupons. The coupons at the bottom of each poster states "Buy one gallon of gas, Get one FREE. This offer is not valid in the US. Applicable charges may apply. Not for resale. Tax not included". The idea is to emphasis the absurd increase in gas prices over the last couple years. It's also commenting on the idea that coupons for gas, which people would often use, are not available like they are for other necessities like food. Caroline and I were in collaboration and our works demonstrate various uses of coupons and America's obsessions.