Thursday, September 15, 2011

Image #1

I found the drawing of the hand and decided I wanted to make it seem like I was drawing and coloring in a flower. I edited the colors of the flower using a mixture of different filters and made a sketch of the lower half of the flower by using different shades of gray with the brush and pen tool. I also put the color pencil markings and pencils on the paper to make it look like I was in the progress of filling in the flower and figuring out the right colors to use.


  1. I like the collaboration of illustrative (hand) and reality (the paper and pencils). The combination doesn't look choppy or cut-out, but seamless in a way; so kudos. :) The composition is also balanced and visually pleasing. Maybe try and give a shadow to the hand though, on the paper? That would emphasize realistic quality.

  2. I really like this image. I agree with the previous comment about adding a shadow to the hand, unless you want it to have a collage effect. Love how the flower is like a work in progress.