Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ashling Smith


This is a photograph of a small Claddagh statue near my grandmother's grave in a cemetary in Ireland. I believe it is a symbol and a sign of human love and the connectivity of humanity. To alter the photo, I first watched Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: One-On-One Fundamentals up to "Adding A Layer Mask." To change my original image, I added a blue filter under black and white adjustments, after experimenting with the different filters and their effects, such as red, maximum white, and infared.


  1. I think the black and white really enhances the mood of the image. I think the statue is beautiful and delicate, but at the same time powerful. I love what it represents as well. I'd love to see more images in this vein.

  2. I really love the composition of this image, and the claddagh itself is so unique, since usually you see them with hands that don't look so human. I think the statue could stand out even more from the background by playing with a black and white adjustment layer to lighten it - the buildings are a little bit distracting to me. It's only a minor issue though, on the whole the photo is very striking in a subdued way. Love it!

  3. This image is very interesting. I like how you can see the details in the jewel the hands are holding in both pictures. The symbol of human love is something that I can relate to. This image shows how people can relate through a common symbol.