Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project Idea

For my project I picked a subject matter that I am very passionate about. I am going to create a series of three finished collages that depict the strength of a child who is battling cancer. I am not going to focus on the sadness of the subject matter. The only way I am going to portray sadness is through my color choices. All three pieces will be black an white because I feel that will bring a certain rawness and innocence to the works. My first piece will depict a child and a kitten. They will be touching nose to nose. The kitten is going to be a reoccuring symbol of strength in my collages. Representing the small and innocent nature of a child thrown into a battle in which they must turn into a lion and fight. Cancer causes children to grow up fast and face things that they should never have to face at such an early age. My second piece will represent the aspect of the battle. Chemotherapy. My goal is not to show the obvious struggle, but instead the underlying strength. I will include a kitten with a shadow of a tiger to represent this. My third picture will show more of the joy that a child who has cancer still has the capacity to feel. Even though they experience hell, somehow they still have the willingness to feel love, be happy, play, and see the beauty of life. Some of the images I hope to include are listed below. I will be using a layering technique for most collages...(once I figure out how to accomplish that) :) I watched the basics of photoshop #01 on youtube and One on one:The essentials on


  1. This is a beautiful idea. I like the fact that the photos are placed going up and down instead of left to right. Also, the shadow affect in terms of the kitten to a lion works well with the concept.

  2. I really like your idea and the meaning behind it all. The pictures you chose were great and the photo of the cat and its shadow is a great symbolism of strength and being fearless.