Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I watched the section of Photoshop CS5 called Creative Effects. I watched videos on adding light and creating illumination to focus in on the elderly couple. I lighted the couple and then darkened the area around them. Then I applied many videos from the section called enhancing color and tone. I brought out the reds, greens, and blues more vividly than before and then saturated the background. By using curves I created more of a contrasting tone to better develop the joyful and loving mood.

These images are symbolic of my project proposal idea. I want to portray the joy and commitment within true love relationships. The reoccurring theme in all three photos will be love and longing for another being. Light and color will be used to draw attention towards the emotion in each image. Love can be an art within itself because everyone views and creates love in different ways. Expression of love is a magical and inspirational thing that I plan on showing within my project.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy how you manipulated the lightening and coloring in this photograph. I agree that doing so does better develop the joyful and loving mood. You choice of project proposal is well thought out. I'm excited to see the project as it develops.