Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project Idea

Continuing with the idea from my first post, I will attempt to depict human emotion and connection through body language and communicative signs. Much of our expression is shown physically, not verbally, and it is often very easy to interpret someone's mood simply by his or her body (how open their position is, their posture, how much physical contact they allow, etc.). I aim to portray just how much we communicate without speaking, but for a twist, I'm going to incorporate an actual sign that says the person's feelings in each image. My work will be in black and white, and I want to draw attention more to bodies than faces, so as to highlight the action of the subjects instead of surrounding details.

Image found here. In this photo, we see that the person on the left has feelings, possibly unrequited, for the indifferent person on the right, because of their stances and what they're doing with their hands.
Image found here. We can easily see that these girls are close without even seeing their faces.

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  1. I love your idea because there are so many different ways we communicate with others and I like that your trying to capture that. Also the black and white effect will really make it stand out:)