Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project Idea

For my project I have chosen two important things that are very close to my heart; my mom and art. My mom has not only encouraged me to pursue a career in art but she was the one who inspired me. My mom is a very talented, independent and strong woman with a great sense of humor and Ive always looked up to her. She went to college for fine arts and now I am following in her footsteps. Art holds such a strong connection between us and I wish she was here with me, not only to help and advise me with my artwork but to sit down and make art with me. The pictures of the paint brushes, paints and other art supplies surrounds the picture of my mother and I because art surrounds us in our daily lives and its what keeps us together. I aspire to be like my mom one day and I want to show how art is not just a way to express my feelings but its a way to connect with family and the people around me.

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