Thursday, October 6, 2011


this video was actually made by a student, Tori Walls, who attends Savanna College of Art and Design. She focuses in photography. I love this video art because its essentially about the playfulness a picture can capture..and the moment of time that's frozen forever. This video was compiled from different stills, edited together to create a video and a narrative. I appreciate the lighting in this video, the playful song, the animated characters, and the different landscapes used. This artist isn't famous yet, but trust me...she will be.
this is a video by an acclaimed video artist:

i love this because it's witty and funny and lovable at the same time. It makes me feel bad for the girl who tries so hard not to be distracted. The character in the video is relatable and appeals to the soft side of the viewer. Its also very poetic because the artist is using metaphor( comparing the objects to a person)that you would captivate or hold hostage.

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  1. I really like this video because of the irony of the metaphor. It seems to be a commentary about people today and their addiction to technology, like they can't get get anything done with it because it is a distraction. Yet at the end of the video we see that a lot of the time we can't get anything done or "be productive" without it because it enables us to do so much today.