Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lynda: 09' iMovie essentials

In the 09' iMovie essentials I found interesting things about the possibilities in iMovie. The introduction promotes the new concept of adding a theme to a film. When working with footage in iMovie, you can add custom music, maps and backgrounds, transitions, photos from iphoto/photoshop, and special title effects. iMovie is basically a searchable library of all your video moments. iMovie consists of three main tabs: project library, event library, and the view/previewer. "Editing your movie" Rearranging and deleting clips.. To delete clips select and click delete. The deleted section will only be deleted from that project. To move the clip select it and drag it to the new location. If a certain sections looks awkward, drag through the problem area and press the delete key to remove it. "Fine tuning on the fly" position the pointer at either the start or end of the clip and hold option,command keys. You can add or subtract up to one second of video. "Ducking the music under speech" means lowering the volume of the background music to enhance speech volume. The concept is editing sound deduction percentages.

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