Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attention and Distraction

Experiencing Video installation Art

Modern lifestyles overly stimulates our senses, causing us to become more apathetic and impatient when viewing artwork, especially with time-based video installations. Since video installation requires a period of time for the spectator to patiently contemplate the artwork as a whole, it is often neglected by the viewers whom either walks in during the middle of the video, or just simply loses interest. The open structure of an installation, allowing one to enter and leave freely, also enables the distractibility.


  1. I agree that modern lifestyles overstimulate our senses. Between television, phones, and the computer, we are constantly exposed to new things and aren't required to hold our attention for long. Therefore, video installations can be hard for the average viewer who wants to quickly see the meaning and walk on. Good work often takes a while to understand.

  2. This is very true. Video installation often doesn't draw in the viewers to watch the piece in its entirety. The attention holding quality of videos is lacking for those who aren't willing to put in some extra time to watch, think about, and understand the work.