Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Art Thinks Big: That's Showbiz

I found this article very interesting because it explains how video art is a medium that can reach extremes. Trecartin's "I-Be Area" is an example of just how flashy and loud video can be, using bright colors, sound, and outrageous imagery. He also pushes the boundaries with his subject matter; he touches on subjects such as gay adoption and the end of the world. His style is hectic and flashy. Djurberg is also extreme in her film making. Her content includes extremely violent imagery, including sado-masochistic characters and the eerie effects of claymation to give off a very macabre feel to her work. Video art as a whole is a tool that in a sense can go farther than many different media; artists are able to use it to reach extreme points with outlandish imagery and characters.

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