Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video Art Thinks Big: Thats showbiz

I found it very interesting that the article begins describing Ryan Trecartin's "I-Be-Area" which is so different than many other of the other artists such as Nathalie Djurberg. They contrast highly where is work is upbeat and more of a humorous statement, and hers is very dark. Her piece performa 07 really stood out to me because I could really image a group of racially mixed kids battling the ravenous dogs for gargage. That's something I hope to never see, but to me it just seems like a comment about the battle racially mixed kids face with themselves at time and finding their identitity. It doesn't help that the doctors, reminding me of the government or society, are torturing the children. This is different from Trecartin's piece because his focuses more on utopianism and societies that are hoped for, not so much actual realities.

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