Thursday, October 6, 2011

Branca de Neve

For some reason my computer won't let me past this so check out the file.

This piece is called Branca de neve by Berni Searle. Branca de neve translates to Snow White. This is only the first part of the perfiormance piece. The rest is on youtube. I this is very interesting because it is similar to Bill Viola's "Acceptance" where a naked woman is drenched with water. Here she is drenched in what appears to be flour. In the other parts of the video she continues to make and knead dough with the flour she wipes from her body. I have no idea why this is called snow white because in the story, Snow White cooks for the 7 dwarves. This could be Searle commenting on a woman, nonetheless snow white, giving a piece of her body to others through work or actions such as cooking. Maybe even showing how a woman could breate something with her body, like a child.

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