Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Video Artist

This is a video installation by Doug Aitken. It traverses an island that was left deserted by a devastating volcanic eruption. I am particularly intrigued by his use of sound, and how the minimal noises in the background speak volumes about the emptiness of the area. The mood instantly becomes eerie. Since there is very little sound, that which you do hear is very noticeable, and most of the time it is not something you would normally notice. I love how he uses such minimal effects to highlight the differences between this town and an inhabited one.


  1. this is such a cool video!! I love the usage of the two screens as well, and how sometimes the images are the same, sometimes once is black, but most of the time both are different. Its so interesting because you think two screens would almost be too much information for the viewer to handle at once, but instead they flow together and make the video so much better.

  2. I like how this video focuses on a natural act of mother nature. Also, I like the video is showing two different things at one time.