Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video Art Thinks Big: That's Showbiz

I was interested in the way that this article gave examples of a variety of different types of video art. The work of Natalie Djurberg truly caught my attention out of all the different artists. Her work is very dark and disturbing, as it deals with gory deaths and abuse. I found it to be an ironic juxtaposition that her videos were claymation films, because I personally associate that with children's movies and shows and the subject matter of Djurberg's work is definitely not for children. The work of Gigi Scaria also interested me. The video described in the article had some personal connections to me because my grandfather died of Alzheimer's Disease and it seems as though the man in Scaria's video is suffering from it as well. Although not as edgy as the other artists mentioned, Scaria's video art is equally powerful in telling a story.


  1. I also find Natalie Djurberg's work extremely dark and disturbing, but in a way that seems almost kitschy- like some horribly morbid joke or parody. I think using claymation is particularly unsettling because the artist is able to manipulate the video's figures in ways that you know are not possible in real life, but feel real because of clay's fleshy, human texture. I believe that Djurberg purposely uses clay in order to juxtapose the mature content of her work with the "child's play" aspect that comes with using claymation.

  2. Natalie Djurberg's darker/childlike elements deffinetly capture my attention and make me want to watch to find out what the subject matter is all about...i'm also intrigued because I love sculpture using clay! so her techniques fascinate me.
    -Caroline Duran

  3. I agree with you in that I found Natalie Djurberg's work very disturbing and unusual. Her techniques however are very fascinating and I like how she uses the clay to form these unusual images. I also love how her videos are almost broken down in sections and you can see that's shes altered the clay around to show movement yet it all flows together.