Tuesday, October 11, 2011

video art

I read the article about Bill Viola's work. I was really drawn to his style and the way he makes his viewers hyper-aware of their own bodies and their reactions to a space and an image. He deals with metaphors to convey "the inexpressible states of being" which is basically the feelings one knows they feel but cannot easily convey to others in words. Through video installations Viola throws the viewer into a tranformed space that is enveloped in a certain feeling. Since they viewer feels they they cannot get away from the enviornment, like in the video of the child's birthday party, they are more self concious of their own body and their own emotions. I thought that was really interesting because it makes the audience feel uneasy, like they don't want to continue watching but it also is what draws them into the piece. I like how his work is semi-hard to understand and utilizes sound, motion, text, and to create the space. In The Stopping Mind (1991), the audience is surrounded by four huge screens and a sound system that fills the space with the "whispered, breathless poetry of the artist, then the screeching, metallic noise that accompanies the rapidly shifting images on the four screens." Very cool overall


  1. I love the fact that he makes the viewer uneasy because it then makes them aware of themselves and there surroundings. I feel like people really need to learn ho to open their eyes to the world and truth more instead of ignoring it and hiding behind what they choose to know.

  2. Yeah i thought it was cool how he shoves everything in your face and you really cant back away from it